Sunday, January 13, 2008

Best of 2007 Photo Contest Results

Lauren at Ooh La La Photography announced the winning photo. And thanks to your vote, Amanda WON! It really is a beautiful photo. I'm excited that we'll have another opportunity to work with Lauren soon.

Here is the post about the photo contest.

Thanks for participating in our lives!

And birthday hellos to:
1. Cousin Nance (11th)
2. Brother David (11th)
3. Sister-by-marriage Betty (13th)
4. Pastor Samuel (13th)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ron and Heather,

Congrats on Amanda's photo win! That's great news.

(Not really "anonymous")

Julianne said...


el nata said...

- that steak recipe sounds delicious!
- nice on the photo contest
- photograpahy is a fun hobby. i'm really enjoying your pictures so please keep posting.

Linda said...

Congratulations. Somehow I missed the voting. But I'm glad you didn't need me! :D

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