Friday, February 19, 2010

Running alongside her growth

Today is my Abby's birthday. And for some reason, I keep choking back tears. She's getting so big.

I'm proud of the spunky little girl she is. Yesterday, we had a funny little conversation. It was initiated because I accidentally scratched her with my ring while helping her put on her coat.

Mom: "Oh, ouch! I'm sorry I did that. It was an accident."
Abby: "You weally should be cayfow (careful)."
Mom: "I know."
Abby: "Mommies need to be gentow (gentle) with widdle gohs (little girls)."
Mom: "Yes, ma'am."

While I sat down to make a layout reflecting my jumbled feelings (lots of joy mixed in with the tears), I realize that I just need to run alongside my kids the best I can.

No doubt the hormones are doing a number on me. :)

We've all been quite busy with the birthday party preparations - more on that later!

Happy birthday, Abs!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Seeing London and France

I ended up taking Abigail with me to my last prenantal appointment. She particularly enjoyed the requirement that I visit the ladies' room to, ahem, collect a urine sample. Enjoyed it so much so that she broke out in a boisterous, head-thrown-back heartfelt song:

"I see Wondon
I see Fwance
I see Mama's undowpants"
(repeat 23 times)

I came out of the bathroom to many smiling people.

That Abby.

(Images by FindStuff2 and CarolineAMarie via Photobucket)

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