Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a happy day... freebies for you

{lots of photos here!}

Ahh, to be happily occupied with life. I must say it's been a great summer. Amanda passed two levels of swimming - a huge accomplishment for a child that used to be terrified of the water. That's my sweet Panda; slow-to-warm is her modus operandi. Abigail is so chatty these days. Her little words might not be so clear, but they are like beautiful music to my ears. When you ask her, "How are you doing?" she replies, "Guck." Her way of saying "good". So extremely precious. Abby will drag books to me all day long, so between both my girls' insatiable appetite for books, I'm one mom with hardly a voice left by day's end.

I'm long overdue in sharing these-

This is actually me, jumping in the air.
A hybrid accordian album-

A thank you card set for my sister's belated birthday gift (well, at least it was in time to send out for your post graduation notes, right?)

::happy birthday to me::
Since it's my birthday and the last day of the ScrapMatters Grand Re-opening celebration, I created some freebies to give to you:
Edited: Freebie is no longer available - thanks for looking!

I have a challenge and rolodex giveaway posted on the ScrapMatters team blog, so go check it out!


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