Sunday, January 4, 2009

Only that which I can

So much to blog about... too much in fact. But rather than sweating the small stuff, I'll happily report what I can when I can. Deal? Deal. :)


Amanda and I made some yummy sea salt caramel hard candies - it's a fabulous combination. Amanda was SO happy for this activity. She's our resident Food Network enthusiast, rattling off its celebrities and signature dishes:
Sea salt caramel candies

Here they are, carefully packaged away to share:
packaged to go

And some photos from a typical day of homeschooling:
child at work

You see the piggy bank? That's there because she's learning how to count back money in Math, and we just finished up a lesson. She says she likes money {don't we all}. The stash of Multigrain Cheerios belongs to Abigail, her hush money when she is feeling squirrely before we're done with the activity at hand. Under the elephant card you can see Abigail's version of what Amanda's been doing - big sis' activities are very popular with the Abber-Stombers. (That's her nickname du jour)

Amanda's subject of choice, History, has us exploring the New World with Christopher Columbus:

(date stamp from Britt-ish Designs' Date Stamped Vol. 2)

They say the teacher learns more than the student. It's just been one grand adventure; we weather a few storms here and there to be rewarded with some amazing views of life.

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