Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spotlight on two local artists

The girls and I were perusing our local farmers' market last Saturday when we met one of our church friends there, at her booth! What a happy surprise. Anna and her friend Kori make beautiful aprons, oilcloth bags, stylish purses - all in fabric I drool over. Needless to say, I went shutter happy and clicked away (Anna had to tell the market personnel that she knows me so I wasn't hauled off by the scruff of my neck, heh heh):

{The artists, Kori and Anna}

{Their booth}

{Oh, the beautimous aprons!}


{Oilcloth bags}

Once they have more items up for sale at their Etsy site, be sure to grab yourself a thing or two!

Monday, July 21, 2008

More on purposeful parenting

I've been meaning to share this "Children See, Children Do" video on parenting for a long time. Each time I watch it, I am moved by just how much good (or bad) we can impart in our children. Take a look and let me know what you think. It's pretty raw, so here's a little disclaimer:

Thanks to Kathleen for unearthing this powerful video for me!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big sister Amanda

This is the "fortune" that Amanda received from our Friday night meal. It marks the first time we heard her read off the entire message without asking for help. In astonishment I looked up from scarfing down my own fortune cookie, studying her winsome eyes. The funny thing is, I don't think I've really stopped to see this sweet gem of a girl in her entirety in a long time.

Is this invisibility the unnecessary price a little girl pays when she is a big sister?

This sweet girl with the broad, earnest smile is a pretty terrific big sister.

She loves sitting in the wagon with Abigail, watching the world together...

and leads her to endless adventures.

The problem is, she is too good at being the big sister. She even likes to act the part of a personal assistant at times, and a part-time nanny. She wants to write out the shopping list, and reads off the prices of products while grocery shopping. And she loves almost all the things I love. To this stay-at-home mom that sometimes lacks adult company, she is often times a good girlfriend!

I myself am the oldest. Of four children. And yet I often forget the weight of being the oldest. She is only five years old, remember? Let her be a child.

Note to self: parent with PURPOSE. Don't let the teachable, nurturable moments slip through the fingers because of self-serving reasons. Don't forget how precious this job is. And don't forget how precious your sweet eldest daughter is.

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