Thursday, April 24, 2008

Memoir of days spent well

Over the river and through the woods... Grandparents' house we go! Ron and the girls tagged along with me when I went up north for work, and together we had a chance to visit Ron's parents, Ngeen-Ngeen and Yeh-Yeh. (For those of you familiar with the Nick Jr. cartoon, Ni Hao Kai-Lan, you know that Yeh-Yeh means "grandfather". And yes, the other word means "grandmother".)

Here is Amanda at the first rest stop, where she nervously sat near the caution sign:

From L to R: Abigail, Ngeen-Ngeen, Amanda, Daddy, and Yeh-Yeh

We had a chance to visit with some old friends, K and her son, N:

She lives right next to the hotel we were staying at! K was Amanda's infant room teacher, and my co-worker.

The five days zipped by mercilessly, and before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye and pile into the car for the five-hour trip home. (For those friends in the area we didn't get a chance to see, please forgive us! Too much to do in very little time. We'll be back soon!)

The first two hours, all three girls snoozed while Ron drove. The next two hours we played games and listened to kids' songs ad nauseum. The last hour was rough on the Crabigail. Poor thing wailed most of the way home. But ah, so good to be home!

Amanda's debut
Amanda performed at her first recital a few weeks ago. Here she is, doing her thing:

Amanda and her fabulous piano teacher, Ms. Kelly:

I think she might have been the youngest participant - she certainly was the smallest. But oh-so plucky! :)

I was pretty excited to hear that one of my layouts was published in the April 08 edition of Bella Scraps Magazine. I received a copy, and I had to check for myself for proof! Cool.

More layouts to share:

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Go here for layout credits. Photo frame is from the Moonrise at Waikiki Oscraps Mega Kit.

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