Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Generosity from abroad

This morning we returned from the gym to find some boxes at our door. Two we dutifully tucked under the tree for tomorrow's perusal. The other box was heavily beaten up, busted at the corners. This one was from South Korea - Auntie Gina! Apparently, Gina sent the box about a week ago, and it just reached us today. She included candies, stickers, trinkets, doll clothes, kids' books, even a flag that together represent a little bit of South Korea. She even sent some Minnie Mouse ears she got from the Korean Disneyland, Lotte World Korean equivalent of Wal-Mart, bwahahaha! (ETA: Auntie Gina just corrected me - and I thought she got it at Lotte World, {grin})


Amanda says thank you, Auntie Gina

A huge thank you, Gina! We love and miss you!

Amanda has recently begun reading and writing Korean, thanks to Sunday mornings in our church Korean school. I've really seen this as a huge stepping stone in shaping her self-concept. "I'm Korean and Chinese and American," she says, careful to punctuate each culture she embodies with pursed lips and furrowed brow.

It's also helped tremendously that Amanda and I have been exploring world geography. She's definitely got an eye for maps and facts. She is quite fortunate, too, to have uncles and aunts that send her postcards from various corners of the world and supplement her schoolwork with real experiences and personal photos. We just completed a segment on South America, and she now desires to explore the Andes Mountains. {Let those dreams soar, Amanda! Someday my dear, someday.}

Oh, I can't tell you how much I love being a mom.

I've been busy with getting the business up and running - what a fun adventure it's been. I have some new card designs up on the photography blog if you're interested in a peek.

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