Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stephanie (scarson) has a challenge for you! 11/25 challenge

I'll let Stephanie direct this one. She wrote:

"Here is my challenge for Sunday. It was a little harder than I expected but I think that it has lots of potential for use in future layouts. I found it on Ikea Goddess' blog,

She explains how to wrap ribbon around an object. I think after working through it I should have wrapped the ribbon around the entire frame instead of just one side but...I'll have to do that with the next layout. :-)

My example:

Paper - Katie Pertiet's Drawn Harvest
Frame - Sueli Colbert's Moment Kit
Ribbons - Traci Sims's All Tied UP and Little Dreamer Designs
Font - The Maple Origins at
Leaf - Weeds & Wildflower's Playing with wire/autumn

On behalf of Stephanie, have a wonderful time learning. And be kind to yourself as you come face to face with your learning curve. I've learned to deal with mine which is oh-so-steep-and-vicious!!!


Fun Quiz! What Part of Thanksgiving Are You?

This is a fun little quiz I saw from the Sweet Shoppe Blog - have fun with it! Click on the blue link below.

My result:

You Are The Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.
People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

New Look

I've been tinkering with the blog's layout, and even went bonkers and made a blog banner. I'm still astonished with all the work it takes to make a blog so cool and "bloggy". (Isn't that a great word? This is where A.P. English teachers from all walks of life scream in unison)

I don't know how to make it prettier beyond this, because I don't know anything about HTML. I'm sure my husband will love it if I spend extra hours pouring over the internet so that I can become an expert web designer. (Insert husband rolling his eyes right here)

So enjoy! And have a wonderful day. It is 10:45am, and 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrr.


Page 2 of Ann's Thanksgiving LOs

Papers - JTeague, It's All About Mom
Word art - BVA_turkeyday
Frames - Building blocks
Overlay - Sugarplum Paperie_dirty
Date -OnDesign

Does that triple frame look familiar, perhaps hearkening back to an assignment Jessica handed out? Hmmm. :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's a beauty! Ann's (pinewoodtoo) practice LO

papers and elements - ATeets, TSims, and KPertiet

Another great designer to add to my list!

I just love Jackie Eckles' items at Little Dreamer Designs! This one I'm eyeing for my next purchase:

By the way, could you tell me how to make really good dinner rolls? I just made some, and they're good, but not light and fluffy enough. Thanks in advance!

Keep the amazing work rolling in!!!!!

Jen's (abcmomof4) LO for the 11/21 challenge

Papers - Meredith Fenwick Calming
Alpha - From Up&Running Wk 2 Course Materials
Title font-2 Peas Rickety
Journaling font-CK Higgins Handprint
Flourish stamp - Jen Wilson Designs

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Angela's (angela2932) LO for the 11/21 challenge

Angela wrote:
Terri, this was a really cool photoshop friday! Thanks for pointing us in the direction of doing this one!

Paper - M Elgen Call of the Wild
Heart element - TiaBennett
Alpha - Black Chanceryas
Font - Dreams Come True, Doris Castle, Bead spray

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kim's (Kimberly White) LO for the 11/21 challenge

Design - Jessica Sprague (followed photoshop friday #26 - scalloped edges tutorial)
Papers - Kellie Mize (Designer Digitals)
Journal Spot - Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)
Alpha - Jessica Sprague
Fonts - Chalk Board and American typewriter

Ann's (pinewoodtoo) LO for the 11/21 challenge

Paper - TBonne
Alpha and stitches - Katie Pertiet
Photo prong - Jen Wilson Designs
Journal Block - NRJ_SHMOOZY
Font - Quick Type II

Jen's (abcmomof4) LO for the 11/18 challenge

"It's hard to believe that Jack is six weeks old! He has grown so much! There have been moments where I'd wish that time could stand still so that I may enjoy him this way for just a little bit longer!"

Paper - Jen Wilson Designs' His Thursday Attire
Flourish - Jen Wilson Designs
Overlay - Kate Pertiet
Journal font - Garamond
Title font - 2 peas Barefoot Professor

Heather's LO for the 11/21 challenge

11.18.07. Uncle Josh let you buya lollipop at Market Limone, and boy, did you enjoy it. Unfortunately Mom and Dad did not because the sugar high was a doozy! We had to detox you for days! Next time, we’ll tell Uncle Josh to keep his generosity SUGAR FREE. What a wonderful weekend we spent with Auntie Betty and Uncle Josh!

Template - yin_template_12
Paper - Morning Mist Kit, Pam Lefors Design
Font - Old Typewriter
Scalloped photo frame based on Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday #26

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Terri (lucysmom) has a challenge for you! 11/21/07

Terri's taking us back into the coffers of Jessica's Photoshop Fridays - yeehaw! Here's the link for the tutorial:

She will be posting her LO soon. And how about yours? :)

Have lots of fun this Thanksgiving week - I for one am grateful for having crossed paths with you on my life's journey....


Angela's LO for the 11/18 challenge

Moriginals Template No 7
Papers - Amy Teets' Modern Twist
Fonts - Impact, Century Gothic, Kunstler script

Debbie's LO for the 11/18 challenge

Moriginals Template # 7
Papers - Shabby Princess's Urban Kiwi collection (White, Striped, and Black Linene), Shabby Princess And SaraC's Dinner Party collection (Urban Circles and Red)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Heather's LO for the 11/18 challenge

Template - Moriginals Template #7
Papers - (Background) Emily Merritt at Little Dreamer Designs, (Strips) Sugar Plum by Cindy Wetmiller at Wet Fish Designs, and Rise Up by Dahlia Company Designs
Sanded Overlay - Kate Pertiet
Stitches - Emma kit, Amy Watson Designs
Flower - Verena Karolyi
Alpha - Heather Milano for the Blossom and Shine Collaboration

Cold Stone Creamery Coupon

Another reason to abandon your diet:

Cold Stone Creamery's buy one, get one free happiness!

Have a wonderful day, and keep the LOs and comments rolling in -

{Update: This is no longer active - sorry}


Shari's (Shari Z) LO for the 11/18 challenge

Papers - Halloween Spook Papers (Sugar Shack Scraps)
Embellishments - Melony Violette, and Digital Scrapbook Place
Font is Garamond

3D Paper Snowflake Directions

Hello my friends,

I found this site yesterday. I will be making a bunch of lavender snowflakes for my daughter's room with vellum paper! When I'm done I'll post photos. If you decide to try this, send your photos too.

If you have some great Christmas/winter craft or gift idea, please share.

Kids are now feeling great. But guess who is the recipient of the cold? *Hack, cough*.

{Update: Ended up making vellum snowflakes using 4" squares. They are a beauty! But make it seven-armed, because it otherwise has a hard time keeping its shape. If you're using regular copy peper, six looks great.}

Kim's LO for the 11/18 challenge

Template - Meredith Tiede (
Patterned Paper - Jen Wilson Haute Momma kit (
Fonts - Garamond, Zaphino
Photos - Gail Baziuk

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ann has a challenge for you! 11/18 challenge

Hello all,

Ann (pinewoodtoo) is the moderator for today's challenge, but she had a family situation that she has to take care of, so she sent this to me to send out. Of course Ann is always expedient with everything, and in typical Ann fashion, she sent this to me a few days ago. BUT, it is I who has lagged. (Is that even proper English? Forgive me)

My husband and I are celebrating our 7-year anniversary today. And we had my brother and new sister-in-law visit from the Bay Area, CA. It was a beautiful weekend spent with those I absolutely love. So I CAN tear myself away from the computer after all!

So without further ado, here is the challenge:

Download template #7 at and have fun making this your own creation!

Here is Ann's example:

credits pending....

Until Wednesday,
Heather (hedderlee)

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