Monday, March 29, 2010

7 blissful years as Amanda's mom

Dear Amanda,

7 years ago, you and I were born - you, with the soft cry and puffy eyes... and me, a nervous wreck of a new mother. I felt like I waited my whole life for us to emerge, instantly in love.

(5-week-old Amanda with Momma, Apr '03)

As delightful as motherhood is in itself, it is you that has made the journey meaningful.
(15 months old, Jun '04)

You inspire me to conquer my fears, both silly and substantial, because when I see you, I want to protect, cherish, nurture, and inspire you.

(3 years old, Sept '06)

(smitten big sister Amanda, Feb '07)

(At her first 5K, Sept '07 - mad at Mom for making her do this. But she really ended up enjoying it! The second year she was ticked at me too)

How thankful I am that God granted you to me. This I don't take lightly.

(At the OMSI, Aug '09)

I can't wait to see which mountains you scale in your lifetime. Happy birthday, my dear eldest daughter.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sale over tonight? Man.

One of my favorite digi-land haunts, ScrapArtist, has been holding a massive 30% March Madness sale that I've been wanting to share with my nearest and dearest, but alas I let my crazy schedule get the best of me.

The sadder thing is that one of my favorite designers of all times, Laurie Ann of Heaven's Gate Designs, has an additional 10% off coupon posted on her blog to use on top of the March Madness sale. Bummer. I hope at least some of you get to capitalize on this. At the very least, check out her designs here.

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