Saturday, December 8, 2007

12/9/07 Digi Challenge

It's a three-parter!

  1. Create your own torn paper-
  2. Realistic stick pin placement (thanks, Stephanie!)- does anyone have a link for a freebie stick pin?
  3. Use at least FIVE photos in your LO!

So if you decide to do all three parts, you will have torn paper, a stick pin or two holding several photos or paper, and five or more photos - a very element-dense LO! Otherwise, do whichever part that appeals to you.

Happy scrapping! I'll post the example soon -

Friday, December 7, 2007

Some of the little Christmas projects keeping me busy

I love to make things. Ron says that when I go shopping, he hears me say, "I can make that" and "oh, that shouldn't be too hard" way too much.

So that you too can be like me and utter such nonsense, I'll share some project ideas.

table runner - simple and elegant
paper ornaments - clean, graphic lines

paper bows
If you leave Leah your email address, she'll even send you the tutorial
3-D snowflakes - mine gently rotates throughout the day!
Then, there's always the uber hobby - digi! Another LO:
My DD#1 Amanda is like the WB Frog - she is such a ham at home, but when an audience is watching, show's over before it even begins. Many of the parents comment with concern, but I love her for it!
Christmas kit - Kimi's Creations (yeah!)
Alpha - monika 69
Font - Pea lacy chunky
Brushstroke – Eli Burford at

Voila - the Christmas card!

I won't be unveiling the final product until I've mailed it out to the world. But, it's d.o.n.e!!!!!!!

Now, onto other Christmas projects....

Update: Mailed out - here is our family card in all its glory. :)

Paper - Michelle Coleman, Vintage Dreams Retro Kit, LDD
Frames - Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals
Poinsettias - Jen Wilson Designs' The Merry Days of Christmas 10th Decorations
Holly sprig - Natali Design's Needful Christmas Freebie
Ornament - Elker_W BNF
Fonts - Mutlu and karabinE. (

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2001 was a banner year....

Ron and I went on a cross-country trip shortly after we were married, and for four-and-a-half months, we went skipping here and there. During our third week of skipping around, we plunked down in a town in Wisconsin, Janesville. It's one of those wholesome, GOOD places. Just my type of place to have your family thrive.

I still feel the fire in my soul when I recall those times on the road. Just the two of us.

My latest LO, aptly named "Janesville".

grunge frame - Jessica Sprague
brush - Miriam Attias,
fonts - Artistamp Medium, Geosans Light
based on Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday 2007 #4

Monday, December 3, 2007

I *super puffy glittery heart* my girls

Do you know what the best part of scrapbooking is? It freezes a singular moment in time, so that I can really appreciate the otherwise forgotten. And, it makes me fall in love with my family that much more. It's like putting a magnifying glass to my Amanda. I get to really see how lovable she is.

In the Bay Area for Samchon (Korean for maternal uncle) and Auntie Betty’s wedding - May 2007
based on Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday 2006, issue 9
paper: emerritt-bluestripes (LLD Color Matters), pam lefors designs misty morning
sprinkles: FR_Berlingo_Elements Pack 2 (
fonts: AquilineTwo, karabinE.

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