Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's almost August already?

I recall wanting time to hurry when I was a little girl. My wish has steadily picked up speed over the years! Y2K seemed like such a monumental deal - now that was EIGHT years ago. And over half this year has gone by.

(Smoothing out my clothes and standing up a little taller) Enough of this reactive living! Sheesh. :) Hug those kids a little more. Their growth parallels this heightened velocity. Abigail's already asking to use the potty here and there, and Amanda is now swimming on her own. Sigh. My babies are growing up.

Some Amanda layouts to share:


Credits here

Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to say hi!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The biggest hurdle

I hate to fail.

I know that's a funny statement - really, who enjoys failure? Yet this is an honest struggle I have. I hate to fail so much that I sometimes quit before something comes to fruition. This I have identified over the years. Sabotage is a weird mind game.

On the eve of a pretty remarkable project development, I am feeling that familiar "bail before you fail" tingling in my gut, stealing my precious sleep.

But this time, I think I will allow myself to see the joy in the journey.

Sure, there are huge hurdles ahead of me:

so what?

And I could get pierced by the barbs - the "you're not good enough", "why are you doing this", and "you'll fall flat on your face":

so what?

This I have confidence in: I sincerely strive to do what rings in my heart as God-led. I feel a peace in this. Success or failure is pretty miniscule now... the bigger picture is whether I follow His will.

With all my heart, I will.

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