Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surprises in the mail

A package arrived in the mail unexpectedly, and the contents spilled out to high-pitched squeals of delight... decibels only my girls can emit:

Hello Kitty goodies for Amanda!

And Pillow Pets for each of the girls? Wow!

Alyssa was too busy drooling on her favorite toy-of-the-moment to participate in the next photo, but she loves her hippo too:

Thanks to my Amanda's penpal, also named Amanda, for the love you sent us. Let your mom know that she rocks. :) Love you guys.

The fun thing about this whole penpal relationship is that the penpal's mom and I have been friends since 6th/7th grade, and we recently "found" each other again through my dear, dear friend Julianne. Both Amandas are half-Korean too. Eek, I can't wait to have the penpals meet!

Penpal Amanda, you have a letter coming soon -

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