Monday, February 11, 2013

Crickets have taken over this place, but no more

Please pick your jaw up off the floor... I'm back! I've been busy being pregnant, having my fourth daughter, surviving this year, and seeing my sweet baby turn one. One! I am still in shock that all these bits of life have zipped by without documenting them here. If you are reading this, you are definitely (a) family or (b) really patient! Or both in many cases, heh heh.

It's been over a year since I've shared anything with you, you poor thing. :) It's actually pretty pitiful that the blog only shows two of my girls! Baby steps. I'll get this blog caught up some day. I think our New Year's card could at least sum up 2012 for you better than my sleep deprived rambling will:

I recently shot a multi-event wedding that had me behind the camera for almost 18 hours in one day! Take a sneak peek here (click on the photo):
More to share - later!

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