Saturday, February 16, 2008

Digi - Irresistably lovable

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Art for very young children

I have another budding Art Princess on my hands. Abigail wants to do everything Amanda does, and that means lil' sis is disrupting the big sis' art in progress. There's gotta be something for me, Abigail's thinking as Amanda yells for me to remove the pesky lil' sis. This is where the early childhood education steps in. Drum roll please! Abigail, you too can draw!

Our Abby is not quite a year old, so her fine motor capabilities are not well developed. To aid her in this department, I taped the corners of the paper down on the table:

This is a grand opportunity to add language development (pre-reading, writing) to this simple activity. As I wrote down her name and the date, I named out loud all the letters I wrote - "A, B, I, G, A, I, L. And today is January 23, 2008" (I did this activity last month). This teaches that the symbols I write actually have meaning:

It's okay if your child wants nothing but to tear the paper off.

This is simply an introduction. Don't be afraid of scribbles on the table... the scribbles of today are your child's future Picasso pieces and Pulitzer prize winning writings:

Let your child have fun! Abigail thought she was absolutely cool now that she was like Unni (big sis in Korean):

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Be the best Abigail you were meant to be, my sweet little girl!

And may your child be the person that God meant him to be, fulfilling all potential, exploring all worlds of learning.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In good company

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Thanks for keeping us company here on our blog.

This is a .png freebie created by one of my all-time favorite digi designers, Nancy Kubo. You can download it here.

My girls

Some funnies:

1. I have been teaching Abigail how to wash her hands and helping her sing a song to time the lathering (10 sec. lather to effectively kill germs). So it was almost no surprise when her Daddy found her happily washing away in the... toilet. Complete with super-watt smile of course. Look at me, Daddy, I'm doing as I was told! Cute, but YUCK!

2. Amanda emerged from the computer room this morning and said to me, "I don't want to be Amish. Amish doesn't have 'lectricity. That means your telephone and TV don't work. I'll just be Korean." (Apparently she was watching "Postcards From Buster" where he visited an Amish community)

Another layout of our Amanda:

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At Last Kit by Lisa Habisreutinger Designs
Font: synchronous

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Creative teams...!

I was selected to create for two wonderful designers, Lisa Habisreutinger and Stacey Sansom. These are new, uncharted waters that I'm riding. {grin}

Here's a layout I created for Lisa H:
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paper, wings, embroidered daisy, heart: Lisa Habisreutinger Designs (
font: VNI-HLThuphap

Monday, February 11, 2008


We got back from a weekend Seattle trip late last night. It was a joyous event to have the cousins together for the first time. Brandon is just turning two, and oh so precious. Already miss you something fierce, sweet boy:

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Scalloped clipping paper by Michelle Coleman at LDD
Date font: Geosans Light
The rest is by Lisa Habisreutinger Designs at
Paper Essentials, stitches (recolored), Stamped Frame Fancy (recolored), Swirls (converted to brushwork), Heart from At Last Kit, Star Dust Alpha Iced

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