Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some layouts

These have been sitting in my computer. My goal is to have the year's layouts printed in a book - otherwise, like photos, they just disappear into the CPU, never to be seen again. So here they are, proof that I've been doing something creative:

This one's of our trip to see the girls' paternal grandparents:

And Amanda was extracted out of the Hopscotch photo:

(credits here)

Thanks for visiting!

Amy's 30th

A good friend of mine, Amy, turned 30 yesterday, and a few of us got together to throw her a little party. Everyone pitched in, from Silvia's pizza to Kelly's salad. Just thought I'd share some of the photos:

Sarah made the vibrant colored cupcakes-

Brody's face cracks me up here... as if he's thinking, "OMG, the blaze!!!" -

The gang, minus some children and me -

Miss Rhiannon and her soulful eyes-

Brody's post-meal face -

The "sisters" -

This winsome smile courtesy of Eli -

Beautiful Ashlynn -

And my first attempt at chocolate covered strawberries -

I have more photos, but I have to go make dinner. Ciao, and happy birthday again, Amy!

(ribbon wrap by A. Heimann, from the Grateful4U collaboration kit)

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