Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Art Princess

Our Amanda is a self-proclaimed "Art Princess". And you know what? I think she's right. I vow to stock this house up with art media galore so she can be the best Art Princess she is meant to be.

She came home from the Play Center with this rendition of us, the Family:

And the Art Princess' artillery: (don't you like her love note to Daddy?)

Totally absorbed in her work:

"Momma, could you take pictures of Abby instead? I'm busy."

This was taken shortly after Abigail got into her art material (funny Ferengi nose!):

But then, who can resist a plucky sister like Abby? Not Amanda:

(Click on photos for larger images)

I love, love, love these girls.


The Wolff Pack said...

Your girls are ADORABLE!!! I someetimes wish my daughter had a sister, but I don't thnik I'll try for #5 to do so. EEK! So, to answer your question on how I quench my digi thirst. I have a super supportive husband who allows me a little time each evening to tinker on the computer. I think he knows I am mad at him for my having to work. I really want to find a teaching postition that I can job share.He just finished his degree, so now I expect him to bring home more bacon! At the end of a busy work day and dealing with homeowrk and kiddies, I need a moment to myself.
See you in Jessica's forums!

Linda said...

Those pictures are irresistable. You have such lovely children.

Hey, I saw your request to email me in my blog so I shot you an email yesterday. :D

Jackie said...

Oh these pictures are just too the one where she wanted you to take pictures of her sister so she could keep doing her artwork :)

gina said...


Laurie said...

What sweet pictures of your girls!I love the one of you bothering the art princess.LOL!

Lisa said...

LOVE the picture that you changed to black & white and kept Amanda's artwork in color. Great idea!

Veevs said...

Ohhh Heather, your girls are sooo gorgeous!!

Jana said...

Your girls are adorable Heather! You've taken some awesome photos and your LOs are wonderful!

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