Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jennifer's (abcmomof4) LO for the 11/14 challenge

Paper and Flower - Meredith Fenwick Warm Hearts
Sanded overlay - Kate Pertiet
Font - Kiev

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another LO for the 11/14 challenge from Ann (pinewoodtoo)

Paper - Kate Pertiet
Font - Pea Lacy

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shari's (Shari Z) LO for the 11/14 challenge

Paper - Raspberry Road, recolored
Word art - Suzanne C Walker

Angela's (angela2932) LO for the 11/14 challenge

"Dreamy Floatplane"

Paper - Meredith Fenwick's Crazy Beautiful
Embellishments - Fall Fiesta rhinestone rectangle, Twilight Dreaming japanese tree, Melgen's Call of the Wild butterfly and flower

Heather's (hedderlee) LO for the 11/14 challenge

Not too much fanfare with this LO because my kids are whipping themselves up into a deafening frenzy - but definitely a fun fun fun technique!

December 2006

Paper - Think Pink by Corina
Fonts - Dali and Birth of a Hero

More great websites for ideas and techniques

Hi ladies!

Found these websites for your treasure troves!

Have fun!

(I have sick, needy kids that bar me from staying on the laptop for more than two minutes - I'm dying inside... need to digi!)

aka hedderlee

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stephanie's (scarson) LO for the 11/14 challenge

Paper, - Weeds & Wildflowers, Cherish Set and Knock on Wood Set
Alpha, cracked overlay, and Scatterdots - Weeds & Wildflower
Font - Roughing It

Kim's (Kimberly White) LO for the 11/14 challenge

Paper and embellishment - Tia Bennett
Grunge overlay - Kate Pertiet
Font - American Typewriter

Ann's (pinewoodtoo) LOs for the 11/14 challenge

Paper - SNU_CollageUnleashed_Birdy
Fonts - Marcelle Script, Mom's typewriter and the date is 1942 Report.

Paper - Amy Teets, moderntwist_flowery
Font - Pea Lacy

Cool stocking stuffer ideas!

Good morning! I awoke to a 26 degree morning today - thank goodness for a warm house.

I wanted to showcase a local artist's website, Silvia is a good friend of mine, but that isn't why I'm talking about her. Her items are all handmade and amazing! She will even make custom-make items as well. Best of all, her prices are outstanding! Let her know I referred you, because she's known to throw in a freebie here and there.


11/14 Challenge -

This post is brought to you today by our friend Debbie (DSchroeder):

Hi Everyone,

Your challenge for today is to allow patterned paper to show through a photo.

Here's my LO:

You love the water. You could swim all day. Snorkeling was your favorite part of the trip. Next summer, it'll be surfing.

supplies used
Fujifilm Summer Scrap Tropical aqua (hibiscus flower paper)
jcrowley larry pp4 (damaskish like paper)
Rhonna Farrer Color my world 2peas orange journal (changed color of the journal block)
KPertiet Sanded Overlay (changed color of overlay)
Title Font: Adler
Journaling font: Zrnic

Here's the link to the tutorial so you can create your own layout.

Can't wait to see. :)

Debbie Schroeder

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Credit to the Designers for Their Elements

I forgot to mention that we really should add credit to the elements' designers. That way we maintain copyright laws and get some great ideas where to find *purdy* elements.

By the way, one of my new favorites is Check her out!

Keep the LOs coming!

Heather (hedderlee)

Monday, November 12, 2007

The format of future challenges


Stephanie (scarson) mentioned that she'd like it if all the challenges were posted here on this blog. She read my mind! It makes sense that we should refer to this place so we can see our peers' work, n'est pas?

We will continue to send emails notifying you when the latest challenge is posted here.

Please contact me if you would like to take on the moderator role for one challenge. I'd love this to be a group effort. Besides, don't let me get too Type-A on you guys and tell you what to do and think. I'm the oldest of four children, so I do it without thinking. :O

By the way, Ann, all emails I send to you are being returned to me. Is your email down?

Good night, sleep tight -
Heather (hedderlee)

More LOs for the 11/11 challenge

It's a blustery, overcast day here in Nampa (a suburb of Boise ID). It's the kind of day you want to curl up with your laptop and digi all day long!!!!!

I'll be posting LOs as I receive them. I love how different everyone's take on this challenge is. And, I learn a lot from seeing others' work. Lots of info gathering.

Here's Deb's (DShroeder):

Here's Shari's (Shari Z):

Angela's (Angela2932):

Kim's (Kimberly White):

Stephanie's (scarson):

Have a great one!
Heather (hedderlee)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello to my fellow Up & Running Friends

Welcome, welcome! You will have read through the emails I sent you guys if you're here reading my blog. It would probably be best if you could just link your gallery url to my blog in the comments section to display your LOs for the challenges. If you don't have your own gallery, you can still send your LOs to me as a jpeg, and I'll post them. The former would be easier for me... :)

Looking forward to seeing your handiwork for the 11/11 challenge - here's one of my older ones using PSF '07 #11:

10 September 2006
At the Ronald Reagan Elementary Playground

Grunge Frame - Vintage Florals Kit, Shabby Princess
Paper- TightieWhities Pack, Amy Teets
Stitching Holes - Date Stamps Kit, Katie Pertiet
Word art - Love and Affection Kit, Daniela Peuss

Here are two from Ann (aka pinewoodtoo):

And here's a LO by Angela (angela2932) and her gallery link:


A little place for my brain's chicken scratch...!

I am very new to this blogging business so it won't look as pretty as I want it for a while.... I am thrilled to have this medium for expression; what did we ever do in the pre-internet times? My 4-1/2 year-old has her own laptop that opens up to, and she has her favorites set up so she can go to Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr, etc. She likes to print herself little activity sheets.

Anyhoo, I hope to hang out with you here more often.

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