Friday, July 4, 2008

"Happy birthday, America!"

That's what Amanda greeted me with this morning. We decided to celebrate with a special Red, White & Blue drink, which we saw featured in Family Fun Magazine. Love that magazine, by the way.

::Happy Birthday America Drink::

Cast of characters:

-cranberry juice (I bought the no-sugar added kind)
-blue Powerade
-club soda (the original recipe calls for diet 7up, but I refuse to give my children diet anything - bad stuff)

-pretty glasses filled with ice (the taller the glass, the more dramatic the end result)


1. Pour cranberry juice in the bottom of the glass.
2. Carefully and slowly pour the Powerade onto the ice - this will ensure that the colors will not mix.
3. Pour the club soda/diet 7up onto the ice until the glass is filled.

The end result:

The judge's verdict:

"I give it two thumbs up, America!"


April Dawn said... have been bloggin' since I last visited!! I LOVE the play by play with Abigail! And that Address Book is so fabulously done! OH, and THANK YOU for the freedom drink kids are gonna just "drink" that right up!!

Carol said...

Looks like a wonderful drink! Love the thumbs up.

Anke said...

thanks for the recipe, my kids would love this. I will definitely try this one out (plus they would do anything to be allowed some soda, I try to stay away from it as a rule) The drink looks fabulous!

The Wolff Pack said...

That is the prettiest drink I've ever seen! Awesome photos as well!I will definitely have to have my kiddies try it. I totally agree about the whole diet thing. I'd give my kids sugar before I give them artificial sweetners. I actually get headaches from them and I hate the aftertaste!

Joanie said...

Totally Awesome... how do they not mix?

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