Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Abigail's world is shaken

We had a pretty strong wind storm blow through our area the other day. Everything outside was subjugated to a thrashing. When we went to inspect the damage, this is what we found:

Since this has happened several times before, and we've put the pieces back together with relative ease each time, everyone just shrugged their shoulders and prepared to work. But for Abigail, who spends each day in the playhouse, this was quite devastating to see.

This is her story.

"What? Something happened?"

"This could be pretty serious. I'd better go investigate. Could you please come with me?"

"Oh my. Oh my. My wonderful playhouse. What'll I do."

"I need to go help my big sister get it back to working order. I'm coming!"

"Why are you just standing there with that camera?"

"Really, we have work to do! It's a state of emergency!"

"We'll fix it. Together we can do anything...."

"Wait. Why is big sis sitting on her duff?"

"Where's she going?"

"Great, she's distracted with that gymnastics stuff."

"Can I get some help please? We have to get this playhouse back together!"

"Please help me - put that camera down."

"Who knows my pain? I guess I'll have to do it myself...."

Luckily, Abigail didn't overload because Daddy put the playhouse back together.

Our hero saves the day again!


The Wolff Pack said...

LOL! You can just see the distress on her face! Those pictures are adorable!

Carol said...

Poor Abigial, I just want to fly on over and help her (lucky she had a daddy who lives closer than me lol). And I cannot believe you had such a bad storm and you still appear very relaxed!
Love your little story of the events lol.

Jeanne said...

Oh my! Looks like the wind was still blowing pretty strong in the photos.

Those photos and captions are priceless. Thank you for sharing.

I'm so glad hero daddy saved the day!

Joanie said...

Heather, You seriously have got just about the cutest little girls I've ever seen!! What a precious picture-book story. TFS

Linda said...

OMG! That is the cutest ever. What a beautiful girl she is.

Donna S. said...

You are so cute! Put down that camera - can't you see Abigail needs your help?! he he!

Anke said...

what a little sweetie and what a cruel mother you are, taking pictures while your daughter is suffering, LOL. Great story and really cool pictures!

Len said...

Oh wow! Those pictures are just awesome! I love how you captured the moment! You have beautiful girls :)

Julianne said...

omg, abigail is so cute! i can't wait to meet her again in a few weeks. ok, this proves YET AGAIn that you can't hide genetics. she is ron's daughter fo SHO!

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