Friday, May 16, 2008

Instead of counting sheep

Amanda is like me when it comes to sleep - she tosses and turns quite a bit. So we started a fun little tradition: we pretend we go on trips. She usually likes to "visit" her relatives in Seattle or the Bay Area. Amanda chose to go to her Grandparents' home. Our description went like this:

{both lying in bed with a squirrely Abigail crawling all over us}

Me: "Okay Amanda, pack your bags. And don't forget your favorite peacock dress."
Amanda: "I have all the bags in the trunk. Did you remember your keys? (She knows me too well)"
Me: "Yes. Can't wait to eat all the goodies we packed!"
Amanda: "The traffic's not bad today, Mom."
Me: "Let's turn off at this rest stop."
Amanda: "What does that sign say?"
Me: "Snake area - caution."
Amanda: "Let's get back in the car."
Me: "Here's Riggins. And that's the Salmon River."

I try to evoke as much imagery as possible, while working on vocabulary and pretend play. She really enjoys it, and relaxes enough to let her body wind down into sweet slumber.

The next day, Amanda decided to make a map of our "trip", so she sketched one in pen.

Once I picked up my jaw from the ground, I scanned it and we colorized it in Photoshop. Here is the resultant map:

Tonight, I get to choose the trip destination. And I think it will be the Greek Isles. :grin: Where will you go with your kids today?


Jackie said...

What a great idea the colorized picture she drew of her trip :) Hum...Seattle..that isn't very far from me :)

Donna S. said...

Heather - your daughter is quitethe artist. I'm amazed at the detail and thought she put into that for her age! I love how you took it and colorized it - what a great idea - you're such a good mom!

Anke said...

that is such an awesome idea, Heather, you have quite the imagination and your map turned out great!!! I think I will take mine to the ocean somewhere, just warm and shells to collect, that would be great. Of course, maybe I will be the one to go to sleep, not them.

Mistifaery said...

So Clever!

Ann said...

This is fantastic. Amanda is truly gifted I think. BTW I spent a night in Riggins, ID a few years ago. We were at a nice lodge on the Little Salmon River.

Dawn said...

You are a great MOM!!

Carol said...

I am so impressed with you and Amanda. What a wonderful idea and a great map (and memory of the trip). I love how you coloured it in photoshop.
Where will I go with my family? We are already talking about our next trip to Canada, I love hearing Fletcher remember things we did there from past times.
Have a wonderful week.

el nata said...

come to Japan! you can ride on a sushi train and eat at sumo's house.


Cheri said...

The map is gorgeous...I love the group effort to draw and colorize/label! Hm, now where shall I go tonight with my children?:)

Doris said...

Wow this is amazing. She's quite advanced for her age isn't she? do you think it will work for my 2 (and a 1/2 mom!) year old.

Kimberly White said...

This is a wonderful idea Heather! And wow that photosop work is awesome! I'm so excited to take Jessica's class in June ... I even upgraded to PSE6 in anticipation! Hope you are having a great day! Kim

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