Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blogging woes - fixable?

I've wrestled with Blogger long enough - my original post from Thursday, March 13th is still not showing photos, so I'm reposting! Have a wonderful Sunday -

Ah, it's good to be back. Had to take a hiatus to finish some things up.

Learning environment at home
We've been considering homeschooling as an option for Amanda's kindergarten if she doesn't get into one of three local charter schools. To be honest, homeschooling sounds so exciting yet scary at the same time - not because I think Amanda would suffer socially (this is one of those ignorant assumptions about homeschooling that we should all throw out the window), but because I don't know if I can carry it out the way I conceptualize it in my own brain. So, I've decided to give it a "test run" until July. Regardless of what type of schooling situation Amanda gets to be a part, you'd better believe I'll be all over it. And supplementing her schooling with a strong learning environment at home is a goal I wish to gift to both children.

New curriculum? Check.
Excited little Amanda? Check.
Organization? Oh Lord, please help me.... :)

Some layouts
Here's one I did using my friend Liv's" Esteban Adventure Kit:

And one using Andilynn Designs' Waiting For Summer Kit:

Credits here for this next layout:

Using Lisa Habisreutinger's Springalicious Kit:

Thank goodness for warmer weather!
Ron and the girls have been going out to our neighborhood park regularly to take advantage of the nice weather we've had. I decided to follow along on Saturday:

Abigail has let us know that she wouldn't mind taking residence at the park. Look how happy she is there:

And it's a good thing the weather is allowing us some outside time, because folks, we have a climber on our hands, and the house is slowly falling apart:

Abby likes life on the kitchen counter and tries everything in her power to be there.

(Click for larger images)


Veevs said...

Its so good to see the photos, so glad you reposted! Your LOs are gorgeous and your little girlies adorable!

Ann said...

These pages abd phtos are just great. Home schooling a a huge responsibility and a massive amount of time. Good luck to you. I know you can do whatever you set your meind to do.

Becky said...

Heather, your LO's are just beautiful!!

Angela2932 said...

Wow, so much good stuff to relish in this post! I'm sure that whether you do homeschooling or not, the primary source of Amanda's enrichment is going to be from you, and her amazing, outstanding, little brain! There's so much pleasure in their educational journeys! Your layouts and photographs are gorgeous, as usual, Heather.

Carol said...

Heather your layouts are gorgeous. I especially love the artist in training one.
You look gorgeous in the photo with Amanda and Abigails smile is so cute.

Kimberly White said...

Loving your layouts and the sweet pics of your kids! Praying for wisdom for you about schooling! Glad you are feeling better! Kim

Lisa said...

Wonderful layouts, Heather!

What curriculum are you going to use for homeschooling? DH asks me every once in a while if I want to do that with our kids since I was an elementary teacher before being a SAHM. I've chosen not to thus far, but am always on the lookout for good materials to use at home anyway. You can just email me if you want, but please wait until you are feeling back up to par. :) I think you have my email...

Cheri said...

I wish you the best, regardless of the exact nature of Amanda's schooling...she'll do wonderful and so will you!:)

Love those pages, especially the yawning flower one...too, too cute.'re in trouble now;)

Karen L said...

Your layouts are really beauitful I especially love your flower one.

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