Monday, January 7, 2008

The four-year-old says

Amanda is fascinated by her parents' ages. More specifically with our age difference. She keeps asking questions about who was born when, and how many days, months, years apart we are. So it was no surprise when she started on this oft-visited conversation earlier this evening.

Amanda: "Who was born first, Mommy or Daddy?"
Ron: "Daddy was."
Amanda: "But your birthday is after Mommy's - yours is in September and hers is in August."
Me: "Daddy's older than Mommy. Way older (rib rib rib)."
Ron (mock hurt on his face): "Hey."
Me: "Think of it this way. Daddy was almost ten years old when Mommy was born."
Amanda: (Eureka moment)"Oooohhhh! Daddy, did you visit Mommy at the hospital then?"
Ron: "Um, not really."

I get a kick out of the way Amanda's brain spits out these great conversations. I love her so much.


Yin said...
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Yin said...

Hi Heather! It's Yin from Simplyyin, just wanted to let you know i've saved your layout off your blog and will put in on my blog when I next update. Had a look around your blog and enjoyed reading it a lot! Lovely daugthers you have there, and a blessed family! That conversation with Amanda is just hilarious, they're so precious, aren't they? Hope to come by again soon. A blessed new year to you!

Donna S. said...

This is hilarious! I love the stuff kids say. Thanks for visiting my blog. I Live in the Sacramento area - but love excuses to get to the Bay Area - so let me know next time you are that way!

Linda said...

LOL, hilarious. The things kids say, eh?

Anonymous said...

Kids are the greatest. This is just toooo funny. Well not too long until our next class starts. I read your comment on the general forum re: moriginals....LOL I didn't know she was in our class. I have been voting for Amanda in the photo contest. Ann

SusanD said...

I am stopping by to visit to let you know that you've been tagged! Go to my blog post called I've been tagged for the details on what to do.

Have fun! :o)

SusanD said...

Let us know if Amanda wins! I have been voting.

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