Friday, January 4, 2008

Crafty and eco-friendly

I always save material for us craft-driven Lee women to have fun with, and of course Ron tolerates it, nice guy that he is. So egg cartons, leftover gift wrap, old cards, you name it. I guess it's the ten year plus years of having worked in early childhood in some capacity - preschools and daycares generally have very little money, so we teachers learn to use everything.

So you will understand my excitement at having found this video on the Nature Moms blog.

How To Make An Origami Gift Box - video powered by Metacafe

Less waste, lots of fun for children of all ages. I've already made several. Works great with origami and scrapbook paper since they're already square to begin with, but you can literally use any kind of paper.


Tiffany said...

Glad you liked the video!

Terrie "Scrap Evangel" said...

Love that idea. Thanks for sharing it. Also, thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

Karen L said...

Great video - thanks for sharing, I know my daughter will love doing this.

Donna S. said...

I LOVE "grren" crafts.. I'll have to check this out. I like you blog - thanks for posting it over at the JS Forum!

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