Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Onward along our sojourn, 2008 is here

Happy New Year, dear family and friends! It is with much anticipation that we look ahead to this year.

I had a million things to write down to flesh out my new year's resolutions list. But then I encountered Ann V's thoughtful and eloquent blog, and as I read through a few of her posts, I realize my life isn't to be lived checking off a long, frenzied to-do list. Where has my yearning for God been? Do I hear His voice? Am I a vehicle through which His light illuminates my children's steps in this sojourn? Does my home reflect the awe and wonder I felt for Him when my faith was new? For whom do I toil?

Ann V. posted this beautiful poem that I feel is worthy to share this day:

by Annie Johnson Flint

I do not ask that I may steer
My peaceful bark by peaceful shores alone,
Nor that I linger, harbor-bound,
And sail no stormy seas unknown;
I only ask this boon of Thee:
Be ever in the ship with me.

I do not ask that I may dwell
From din of battle far removed,
Nor ever feel temptation's force,
Nor ever know mine armor proved;
I only ask, through Life's long fight,
Grant me the power of Thy might.

I do not ask, that I may walk
Only on smoothly trodden grass,
Nor ever climb the mountain's height
And trembling, through its dangers pass;
I only ask, on rocks or sand,
The sure upholding of Thy hand.

I dare not pray for any gift
Upon my pilgrim path to Heaven;
I only ask one thing of Thee:
Give Thou Thyself and all is given.
I am not strong not brave nor wise;
Be Thou with me - it shall suffice.

When I start looking at things through this new mindset, I hope to see the little things that make life a joy....

Here is a photo that I took in early December. Look at this understated beauty. God's fingerprints are everywhere. I just have to stop and realize them.

(click for larger image)


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