Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ann has a challenge for you! 11/18 challenge

Hello all,

Ann (pinewoodtoo) is the moderator for today's challenge, but she had a family situation that she has to take care of, so she sent this to me to send out. Of course Ann is always expedient with everything, and in typical Ann fashion, she sent this to me a few days ago. BUT, it is I who has lagged. (Is that even proper English? Forgive me)

My husband and I are celebrating our 7-year anniversary today. And we had my brother and new sister-in-law visit from the Bay Area, CA. It was a beautiful weekend spent with those I absolutely love. So I CAN tear myself away from the computer after all!

So without further ado, here is the challenge:

Download template #7 at and have fun making this your own creation!

Here is Ann's example:

credits pending....

Until Wednesday,
Heather (hedderlee)


Kimberly White said...

Here's mine:


Heather said...


I like how the border around the photos bleeds into your husband's sweater. Cool.

Angela2932 said...

Nice color choices! And what a cool template you found for us for this weeks challenge! I hope things are getting better with whatever you had that pulled you away this week. . . .

debbie said...

well done Ann, you've got this digi thing down!

I've posted mine in my gallery:

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