Monday, November 12, 2007

More LOs for the 11/11 challenge

It's a blustery, overcast day here in Nampa (a suburb of Boise ID). It's the kind of day you want to curl up with your laptop and digi all day long!!!!!

I'll be posting LOs as I receive them. I love how different everyone's take on this challenge is. And, I learn a lot from seeing others' work. Lots of info gathering.

Here's Deb's (DShroeder):

Here's Shari's (Shari Z):

Angela's (Angela2932):

Kim's (Kimberly White):

Stephanie's (scarson):

Have a great one!
Heather (hedderlee)


Kimberly White said...

Here's the link to mine!

Thanks for starting this! I'm really excited to continue on! I was wondering if you could post the challenges on the blog too (like the link to the psf or the template so I could just look on your blog! Just a thought!)
Thanks, Kim
Ps. They all look so beautiful!

Stephanie said...

I am off to e-mail my finished layout. I am really impressed at the ones that are already posted! I love how everyone has their one take on the challenge. It gives me a lot of scrapbooking inspiration. :-)Hopefully, mine will be posted soon.

debbie said...

Noah is too cute Kim. :)

Great job Shari - love how you faded the larger photo.

Nice work Angela :)

Love the arrow stephanie :)

Anonymous said...

These are great!! You all are doing such fabulous work!! I'm still working on mine. I'm just not happy with it yet, but will get it emailed when I'm finished!

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