Monday, March 29, 2010

7 blissful years as Amanda's mom

Dear Amanda,

7 years ago, you and I were born - you, with the soft cry and puffy eyes... and me, a nervous wreck of a new mother. I felt like I waited my whole life for us to emerge, instantly in love.

(5-week-old Amanda with Momma, Apr '03)

As delightful as motherhood is in itself, it is you that has made the journey meaningful.
(15 months old, Jun '04)

You inspire me to conquer my fears, both silly and substantial, because when I see you, I want to protect, cherish, nurture, and inspire you.

(3 years old, Sept '06)

(smitten big sister Amanda, Feb '07)

(At her first 5K, Sept '07 - mad at Mom for making her do this. But she really ended up enjoying it! The second year she was ticked at me too)

How thankful I am that God granted you to me. This I don't take lightly.

(At the OMSI, Aug '09)

I can't wait to see which mountains you scale in your lifetime. Happy birthday, my dear eldest daughter.


Jeanne said...

What an awesome tribute to your beautiful daughter! Happy Birthday to a super adorable girl. And congrats to her mom, who truly gets it and revels in it!

Jen Wolff said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!!! What a sweet post!!! Hope she has a special day!

Joanie said...

What a beautiful, tender post. Happy Birthday to your sweet little Amanda.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Miss Amanda. always inspire me.

Brenda said...

Beautiful post. Happy Birthday, Amanda. Enjoy your day.

Kimberly White said...

You two are just beautiful! Happy birthday!

gina said...

aww her 15th month old picture is just too precious. i can't believe panda is seven now.

janice said...

Happy birthday to Amanda! :) I can't believe she's already 7??!! You and Ron have done an amazing job in raising such a beautiful, smart and loving girl. Miss you guys!

Krista said...

So beautiful Heather! Gorgeous post! Happy B-day to you both:)

Dawn said...

Wonderful tribute!!!!!answering question about Illustrator101 was very informative...used the trial version..was curious...not going to buy this software or take 102at this time...looking foward to the digital design class using my CS4...see ya around the playground...

Anke said...

this just made me cry, how utterly sweet and what a gorgeous little girl you have!!! happy birthday to the little sweetheart. You are such a wonderful mom

jhamilton said...

These pictures are so precious. My how time goes by way too quickly......Happy Birthday to a wonderful little girl!

LivE said...

beautiful, so beautiful. you are making me want a daughter (but ahem... after 5 sons, i think i'll come visit and play with yours instead haha). i ran here immediately after i saw your post on my blog that you're expecting--CONGRATULATIONS! (and yes, i am screaming in excitement)... and to scold you for not trying it for the CT... you can create layouts in your sleep, girl! i miss you! ((((hugs))))

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