Sunday, September 21, 2008


For the second year in a row, the girls and I participated in the nation's largest 5K for women. I hope to make this an annual event for the three of us.


We awoke to a balmy 61 degree morning, so I was hopeful that it would be a nice, temperate day to do a 5K with my daughters. It WAS a nice day overall, but was I wrong about the weather! As soon as the bus dropped us off near the starting line, we were deluged. Rained cats and dogs. Immediately, Amanda entered foul mood mode. But who could blame her? Waiting around in pouring rain is not my idea of a fabulous time. And she was so short that all she could see were other ladies' legs and shoes. And I couldn't help her at all because I had Abigail in a Kelty backpack the whole time, all 25 pounds of her.

Here we are awaiting the start (the photos are pretty poor quality, but can't ask for much from a point and shoot in extreme humidity):
Isn't Amanda's pout just adorable?

Bird's eye view of Amanda's situation - looking at legs and shoes:

Here is Amanda shortly after the crack of the gun:

By this point, Amanda was inconsolable. She kept blurting out threats: "If this rain keeps up, I'm quitting. Right now. Quitting." But then, I had the idea of talking to her about hot cocoa; I told her to imagine holding a cup of hot cocoa in her hands, and asked her what kind of marshmallows she wanted. Instantly, she perked up. Thank goodness! She then started joking about swimming in the hot cocoa. Strangely, I felt warmer after that little conversation. Our focus turned to the beautiful scenery we were passing by, and Amanda started holding my hand again. Abigail was passed out on my back by this time. We kept getting comments about how cute their matching raincoats were. :) Wish I had one too.

Look how many women walked with us:

Happier, now that the end is in sight:


Finished in 1:07:30!

Ahh, accomplished:

This race gave us a good opportunity to talk about how all good things in life take hard work, determination and a steely resolve to achieve them. Amanda said that she was glad she didn't quit. (what a lesson!!!)

We loaded back onto the bus heading home, soaked, shivering, tired, and accomplished. We took a hot bath and had chicken noodle soup when we got home. And yes, Amanda got her hot cocoa.

A little rain won't keep these women warriors down. Fun was had in huge doses!


Kate said...

What a great post Heather!
I'm so glad Amanda got her cocoa in the end! ;) She did so well to get through that in those conditions.
Great job on the walk!
Kate :)

Linda said...

Great post, and what a great thing to do with your girls.

You look so cute!

Carol said...

What a wonderful event for the girls to do.
I am glad all 3 of you finished and Amanda got her hot cocoa.
And those raincoats are just adorable.
I have missed your posts, glad to see a new one :-)

janice said...

wow, amazing! :) amanda is so cute and a trooper! you sure taught her a valuable life lesson by not giving up. go hj! :)

Brenda said...

I thought about you and the girls as we watched the rain POUR down that morning. What a crazy weather day! Good for all three of you for sticking it out!

Jen Wolff said...

What an awesome experience super mom! What a great accomplishment for you both! Great scrapping material too!

Julianne said...

What a great race report!! It's awesome you got to do with both Abigail and Amanda! :-) I love Amanda's raincoat, btw.

And, you should totally do it! Sign up! You can brag about doing the "toughest half marathon in the Northwest"! Besides, you have plenty of time... April is still more than 6 months away. Knowing you, you'll probably be ready for a full marathon by then! Once you sign up, you'll be committed and be forced to go run. ;-)

Anke said...

you girls are all simply amazing and just totally adorable! You go girls!

gina said...

Have I ever told you that you're a great writer? Your words felt so vivid with the pictures -- that I almost felt like I was there with you. Haha. I'm proud of you & your girls! I think I would've made a bigger fuss than Amanda. I miss and love you!

Kari said...

I am so inspired by this post!!! Amazing what a group of women can do :) Congrats on completing the race ... and having smiling children at the end!!

LivE said...

Hey there, Heather! Just passing by to see how you've been and to deliver a hug... you are so awesome, congratulations for doing this with your girls! What a moment to remember! Have a great day, my friend, and hope you're having a great day! (((hugs))))

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