Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My girls

Some funnies:

1. I have been teaching Abigail how to wash her hands and helping her sing a song to time the lathering (10 sec. lather to effectively kill germs). So it was almost no surprise when her Daddy found her happily washing away in the... toilet. Complete with super-watt smile of course. Look at me, Daddy, I'm doing as I was told! Cute, but YUCK!

2. Amanda emerged from the computer room this morning and said to me, "I don't want to be Amish. Amish doesn't have 'lectricity. That means your telephone and TV don't work. I'll just be Korean." (Apparently she was watching "Postcards From Buster" where he visited an Amish community)

Another layout of our Amanda:

(click for larger image)

At Last Kit by Lisa Habisreutinger Designs
Font: synchronous


Suzanne Earley said...

awesome layout.

great stories. kids come up with some doozies, don't they?

Angela2932 said...

Whoa! This is totally cool! I haven't been brave enough to tackle this tutorial yet on perspective. And your layout is perfect! I love the stories about your girls; they ARE funny and so full of life!

Carol said...

Yuck to the toilet, but how cute is the armish comment.
Your layout is fantastic.
Carol :-)

Ljonezy said...

That is so funny! Washing her hands in the toilet! Hey the bacteria is being killed right?? yuck but right? lol And the amish comment had me laughing out loud. (my dogs think i'm crazy anyways) Loved the last lo you posted also.

Kari said...

That LO is amazing!! Completely unique and eyecatching ;) And I love the funnies - so glad to see things like that written down! I love seeing snippets of "real life."

Amy aka Mistifaery said...

Very cool! You are a true artist.

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