Friday, September 5, 2008

Trying week, but ended on a good note!

Meet my sweet little neighbor, Miss A. She just turned 3:

And of course, little Abigail belongs to me:

In the midst of a pretty murky week between illnesses and arguments, I remembered to "see" with my camera again. Makes me appreciate the little things that make the big picture so beautiful - bright colors, expectant eyes, little curls of a smile.

And what happy news from the Bay Area! More to come on that later -


Brenda said...

Sweet little pictures. Been wondering how things were going at your house since I haven't seen you in almost two weeks. Just remember in those tough times that "this too shall pass."

Jackie said...

cute pics of your neighbor and your daughter

Carol said...

I hope the murky times pass quickly and you go back to having glorious days.

The two photos are just gorgeous.

Jen Wolff said...

There are some pretty yucky bugs out there right now. We're fighting one here too! I haven't been to church in three weeks (not good). It's my turn to be sick, but us moms never really get to be. Love those pictures!! Can't wait to hear your happy news, Hmmm?

Kimberly White said...

Hope your week is going better! And those little girls are so beautiful! Kim

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