Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spotlight on two local artists

The girls and I were perusing our local farmers' market last Saturday when we met one of our church friends there, at her booth! What a happy surprise. Anna and her friend Kori make beautiful aprons, oilcloth bags, stylish purses - all in fabric I drool over. Needless to say, I went shutter happy and clicked away (Anna had to tell the market personnel that she knows me so I wasn't hauled off by the scruff of my neck, heh heh):

{The artists, Kori and Anna}

{Their booth}

{Oh, the beautimous aprons!}


{Oilcloth bags}

Once they have more items up for sale at their Etsy site, be sure to grab yourself a thing or two!


Donna S. said...

How cool. It is too bad you all live so far away. I just found an amazing source for designer samples (Huge boxes of it - LOTS), that would make adorable little purses, etc. I need to find an amazing seamstress!

Terri said...

Heather, your pages are SO amazing! They aren't like mine, which all look exactly the same! What's your secret? You inspire me!

Julianne said...

Wow, you're swimming, too? Are you training for a triathlon, too?? Which is something I wish I could do! But I suck at swimming. 18 laps are awesome. I run so I can eat more, too. :-) I just love your blog. You are so creative. I think you found your calling! Can't wait to see you next weekend!!! Or is it next next??

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