Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy birthday, Abby Sophia Onomatopoeia

We were fortunate enough to spend time with our family in Seattle for a few days. Here are Abigail and cousin Brandon, about to blow out their candles at their joint birthday party:

And back home, Abigail and her pal Stephanie had a joint birthday party at church. Nice spread, eh? Koreans throw some grand first birthday parties - read more here. This was actually a pretty low key gathering.

Isn't Stephanie a doll?

Here are Abigail and Stephanie ready to reveal a bit about their futures in the Toljabee event:

Abby chose the string, signifying long life! Fun stuff.

How time flies. So glad you're on this journey with us, little one. We love you.

(click photos for larger images)


Amy aka Mistifaery said...

Happy Birthday Abby!! I hope it's a great one!

naomi said...

Happy 1st birthday! :O) I can't believe my neice is already 1. They are getting so pretty.. I love her spunky attitude. :O) She's a keeper.

bodegalee said...

Ohhh How Beautiful she looked (you all looked :)) Happy Bday Abby! :)


The Wolff Pack said...

Happy Birthday to Abby! What a beautiful bday party!!

Cheri said...

Happy birthday to Abby! What a beautiful celebration. Thanks for the provided link about traditional Korean first was very interesting! I just love learning new things about cultures around the world (including my own heritage too!)

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