Monday, February 18, 2008

Digi - I look up to you

My husband is such a good father. Our children are totally smitten with him, and the whole world stops when he comes home from work. Call it hero worship. :) He is completely deserving.

This is the inaugural layout as a creative team member for Stacey Sansom, using her Going in Circles Kit:

(click for larger image)

Here for credits


Julie said...

Heather, This layout just made me think how blessed our daughters are to have such wonderful daddies!
You can see the love in both of their eyes! Keep up the good work! See you tomorrow!

Carol said...

Heather your layouts are looking sensational.
Carol :-)

naomi said...

Geez, what a amazing picture. Ron is such a wonderful dad and a wonderful unlce.. ARON :O)

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Thanks for leaving me love Heather! And, congrats on your creative teams. You have really inspired me to try it out.

BTW, I see your stuff EVERYWHERE now! It's fun to be able to recognize someone's style and know who it belongs to without reading the username!

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