Saturday, December 1, 2007

The first day of December

It is strange to post on the blog without the responsibility of keeping our challenges going. At first, I thought it might be pointless. But then I am reminded by the blog title to declare all that is good in my life.

So I want to share a photo I took this morning of the winter wonderland that met me:
Everywhere I looked was a world crystallized. My Amanda turned to my husband and said, "I wish it could be winter all the time." For a gal like me who's spent the majority of life without experiencing snow, I absolutely agree with Amanda.

The other day I made a banner for my friend's Etsy website. Simple but cheery:
Check out her handmade goods at - she's got some great stocking stuffers at great prices.

My latest layout to share:
paper - Lori Barnhurst of Little Dreamer Designs for the Color Matters Collaboration (with fresco filter and "hard light")
fonts - Old Typewriter, Artistamp Medium
based on Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday 2006 #5
"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." -Carl Jung
There are times that I as a stay-at-home mother wonder if I am just spinning mywheels... I wake up, round up you and your sister, run around a bit, come back home,eat, sleep, do it over again. That’s when you and your sister remind me in your gentle way: my calling is to be your mother, unabashedly, wholeheartedly. I look into your face full of contemplation, witness your growth, revel in your joy, and resolve not just to dream, but to awaken. Thank you for teaching me, Amanda. My heart sings with gratitude for you, your sister, and Daddy. My cup indeed runneth over.


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