Sunday, November 25, 2007

Angela (angela2932) brings you another challenge - 11/28/07

Angela writes:

"Hello everyone!

I think Heather's doing a wonderful job of challenging us to keep adding to our skills! Here's my challenge for 11/28. It's a 3-parter, and feel free to just do whatever parts you want. I'm posting my layout so you can see an example of the part 1 and part 2. The first is the most difficult:

1. Here's a link to a Jessica Photoshop Friday. It creates a hand-tinted look to a photo, and is Photoshop Friday #5 ('06; #5).
(In a search on Jessica's site, some of the posts refer to a "dreamify" action, which I suspect we might get in the 2nd class.)

I had some trouble following it, only because the labels to my layers, and the order, were different than Jessica's, but it all seemed to work the same. My "layer 1 copy" was called "Background". "Layer 1 copy 2" was called Background copy 1, etc. Just make sure your "color photo,soft light blend" is on top, with the "desaturated copies" underneath, whatever they are called. The very bottom layer (mine is the background) is the original colored photo, and I click off the "eye" so it is not visible.

This sounds complicated, but really isn't. In step 6 of Jessica's tutorial, just make sure your layers are in the same order as hers are, no matter what they're called.

2. Here's the 2nd part of the challenge, and is really just a cute thing I played with in PSE5. This builds on the challenge in which we created a scallop frame. (Teri's challenge, 11/21: I had so much fun with this, I just kept playing. Instead of using a hard, round brush, I loaded another brush, and this is what I'm challenging you to do. Pick any other brush, and then set everything up exactly the same way as you did before, except use another brush. I used a snowflake brush around the frame in my layout.

Then here's the fun thing I added. Go into "Artwork and Effects" section of your layers. In my PSE5, this is the second section down, under "Undo", above "Navigator". In "Artwork and Effects" make sure the little box on the left says "layer effects" in the drop-down menu. The little box on the right should have the "bevels" option selected in the drop down menu. Now you'll see several kinds of bevels available, like "simple outer" , "simple inner" "emboss", and "simple pillow." Pick "simple pillow" (who could resist a name like that?), click on it, and click on "apply" and POOF! You've pillow-ified whatever you wanted to change. I pillow-ified my snowflakes, but you can do this to text, or whatever you feel like playing with. (I haven't tried it on people, but I bet it's not good.)

(Besides, if we're going to have "dreamify", then we should also have "pillow-ify".)

3. And the third part is just a reminder of something that Jessica sent us during the Up and Running class. At one point she sent us her "" settings, or bookmarks. Here's one I want to remind you of, because I find it comes in handy when I'm wishing I could remember where to go to find something wonderful, like Jen Caputo's templates. (I could always google it, but this is a nice resource to have.) It's the list of designers and their sites: "

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Heather said...


You like to do multi-layered LOs, don't you? I'm glad that there is another person out there that likes intricacy (drives my hubby batty!).

You and your DH look so happy together. :) Great LO, and thanks for the challenge!

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