Sunday, November 25, 2007

Debbie's (Dschroeder) LO for the 11/21 challenge

Amy Teetes whitietighties Paper # 5
Anne Langpap 2 Peas NovFreebie 2005 Purple Floral Paper
Anne Langpap 2Peas NovFreebie 2005 Stripes Paper
Anne Langpap 2Peas NovFreebie 2005 Yellow Floral Paper
Sandie Krieger A Little Pizzaaz So Cute
Anne Langpap 2PeasFreebie June07 Purple Floral Rubon
Anne Langpap 2PeasFreebie Jun07 Spiral Flower Image
Anne Langpap 2PeasFreebie Jun07 Leafy Flower Image
Title Font: Michon Kessler's Vintage Vellum Alpha Monograms
Date Font: SacreBleu


Heather said...

LOVE this LO! One of my favorites.

Angela2932 said...

I really like the way you used the striped paper. Was this a strip you created, and then reduced the opacity? And then added floral embellishments? The over-all effect is just perfect!

Pinewoodtoo said...

This all comes together perfectly. Great job. Ann

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