Sunday, November 27, 2011

My girls and me, 5K style

Too much tomato pasta and I dropped off blogland. Actually, tryptophan-induced gluttony has gotten the best of me as of late, but that's another post.  :)

One event my girls and I have not missed the last five years is the the nation's largest 5K for women. The first year was in 2007, with 4-year-old Amanda and a 7-month-old Abigail, and Amanda walked with me while I toted Abigail in a Bjorn. Read about our first foray here:

2007 5K

In 2008 - read about our second year here:

2008 5K

In 2009, I made the mistake of emptying out my memory card without fetching the 5K photos.  What's worse is that I never wrote down the memories.  Oh well....

2009 5K

In 2010, I was but 2-1/2 months postpartum when the girls and I walked again:

2010 5K

Again, I didn't write down the memories!

So here I am, a few months behind, making sure that blogland knows I've taken photos AND written the account down for year number five!

::2011 5K::

With three little ones and their items to keep track of, I made sure to lay out all of our uniforms the night prior.


The morning of, we were up at an ungodly hour to get going - see how dark it is still?

It's still dark.

Here we are ready to go, all five of us (there's one nestled in my belly!):

ready to go

We met up with our good friends, Julie and Brooke, and we happily bugged other 5Kers for a group photo:

Group photo

Amanda sure had fun having a friend with her! Plus, I got smart (after several years of doing this) and signed up for the stroller wave, so my girls didn't have to endure looking at other ladies' backsides and legs for the opening ceremony.



Abby and Alyssa had the luxury of a stroller ride the entire time. Amanda was walking the entire thing at Abby's age!

Miss Abacus


It was a gorgeous day with no rain in sight. Julie and I had a lovely time chatting the whole way. It didn't feel like 5 kilometers at all! Even though this was Julie and Brooke's first 5K, you never would have known.

The finish line photo:


We all sat down and wolfed down our finish line breakfast!

Alyssa eats and eats

Looking onward to next year's event!  With four kids in tow....

2011 5K 


Kimberly White said...

Four???!!!!! Congrats!

Andrea said...

What a fun tradition for you and yours girls!!

Gina said...


iheartzidane said...

So cool Unnie! I did the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot this year and I think if I'm here for Thanksgiving, I will definitely keep doing it!

Jen Wolff said...

What???? Another on the way!!! Congrats!!!

janice said...

LOVE this post! it *almost* makes me want to do a 5K with my girls. Amanda looks so cute with her glasses. Kaitlyn also recently got glasses and they look very similar to Amanda's pair. :) Guess great minds think alike. Miss you all!

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