Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a find -

Look at this vision of beauty I picked up a few weeks ago for my Alyssa:

Alyssa dress1

Isn't it just the most angelic Easter dress for the sweet Lulish?

Alyssa dress2

The details grabbed me instantly: Alyssa dress3

Alyssa dress4

The color is most consistent with the details photos. I'd call it blush pink.

Get this: I got it for pennies on the dollar, literally. How? I shop at a children's clothing consignment store, and it was listed at $6.99. Be still my beating heart. I just paid for tax after I used my trade-in credit. Moral of the story - don't poo poo consignment stores, because there are some gems in there for rock bottom prices.

A similar dress is selling for $80 right now. {Doing the happy dance} My girls and I love our consignment store clothing. Especially when they're as cute as this blush pink dress.

What thrifty finds make your heart go pitter patter? :)


Cerise said...

What a fantastic find! So beautiful!

Anke said...

Oh my goodness, I would totally shop there too! That dress is adorable. Enjoy it now, the time will soon come when they won't wear anything you like anymore LOL. I hope to see a picture of her wearing it!

janice said...

Beautiful dress for a beautiful baby! :) love it! Have a fabulous (and restful) weekend!

sunghee said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? Just looking at the photos, I thought it was a new dress from a high end dept store! WOW! SOOOO cute! I wanna see Alyssa wearing it!

reCREATEdonna said...

so fun to pop over and see how youe life is!! That is a BEAUTIFUL dress... Hope your Easter was GRAND!

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