Monday, February 8, 2010

Emerging from the morning sickness abyss

One ginger step in front of another, I am finally shaking off the green cobwebs of morning sickness and reentering L I F E. Of course it's not quite over yet, but it's finally relegated to the late evening. {hurray!} Little Peanut seems to be doing well; we should be discovering whether boy or girl next month.

It's a good thing we are expecting Little Peanut, because it is so hard to resist the urge to snatch all the cute little wee ones that surround me in public places. Just one little sniff of the baby cranium? Please?

One of our church friends recently had a precious little girl, so I mustered up all my energy to entertain my creative side to make a little gift, that creative side that had all but shriveled up during my incarceration that was Morning Sickness. :)

Here it is, the sweet little diaper cake:

Detail shots:

This project was a joint venture with both my daughters, as they helped me roll up the diapers, helped with the photos, and "supervised". Amanda especially feels proud of her contribution. She said to no one in particular, "You can't even buy this in the store." Yep, I think she's caught the bug.

We'll be delivering the diaper cake some time this week - I hope they like it!


Kimberly White said...

It's beautiful! So glad for you that the morning sickness is abating! Have a wonderful day! Kim

Jeanne said...

Wonderful! And how special that your daughter's helped in its creation!

I'm glad the morning sickness is easing up a bit. I'm thankful I didn't have too much of a problem with it when I was pregnant.

Stay healthy and happy!

Andrea said...

Well you definitely haven't lost our creativity while dealing with morning sickness.
Welcome back to blogging. You've been missed!

Gabi said...

I'm glad you feel "alive" again :) That diaper cake is so cool!!!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the pregnancy!

Cerise said...

I can't wait to feel alive again. That diaper cake is fantastic! I've never seen one that looked like that before. It's great that your girls created it with you!

Joanie said...

First, I'm glad you are feeling better. (Your comments made me remember those long green-9 months, ugh!
Second, this cake is darling. The baby shoes are my fav!
Third, glad you are *infecting* the next generation!!! ;)

shmoop said...

OMG where have i been?????? i didn't know you were pregnant or i would have been praying my sweet friend!!!!! Well glad it's almost over. i HATED that part of pregnancy.......but you know GINGER worked great for me! (in case it comes back.......) they make the ginger candies which are wonderful!

love the cake too......

praying for a comfortable pregnancy and health for the little guy~ i'm sure it's a boy! :)

Daniel said...

Good to hear that you are getting back to "normal." Well, at least as normal as you can be while pregnant. I am really impressed with the diaper cake. Though I must admit, when I first read what it was I immediately thought it was made from used diapers :-p Things are going well here in Vegas. My dad is fine and I am inching closer to graduating (FINALLY!). Miss you Noona. Hopefully we can see each other soon.


gina said...

thats amazzzzziiiiiiing

reCREATEdonna said...

Gorgeous! Happy for you that the morning sickness is lessening. You will have 3 seriously creative little ones before you know it!

Jackie said...

Congrats!!!! Do we know what the little peanut is?

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