Thursday, August 27, 2009

The beautiful culinary lunch box experience - Research & Development phase

I admit that I am a fanatic about everything I do. I want Amanda to have a filling, nutritious, and aesthetically pleasing lunch. So naturally, I've been scouring the 'net with a vengeance, looking for some ideas. Since you may be interested in creating good lunches for yourself or your young ones, I thought I'd share some of the links!

Sneak in Some Veggies at the Parents Magazine website

10 Creative Ideas for Packed Lunches at iVillage Parenting

From the Kraft Foods website (just wade through the plugs for their brand): MVP Lunches, Budget Lunches, Lunchbox Ideas

Nutritious Lunch Ideas, brought to you by Laptop Lunches. Amanda will be using this bento box system along with a thermos for hot foods, so I'll fill you in about the box as soon as she starts school.

Family Fun Magazine's A+ Lunches and Snacks's Everyday Menus: Packable Lunch

Food Network's Easy, Kid-Approved Lunch Recipes

The cool My Lunch Box: 50 Recipes for Kids to Take to School! by Hilary Karmilowicz

Lunch Boxes and Snacks: Over 120 healthy recipes from delicious sandwiches and salads to hot soups and sweet treats by Annabel Karmel

The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine

As evidenced by the title of this post, there will be an R&D phase, followed by an Implementation phase, and concluded with the Analysis phase. I will start sharing photos and successes/mishaps in the Implementation phase. (This whole experience is more intriguing with fancy titles, no?)


Jeanne said...

Oooohhhh...thanks for all the ideas! This is something I've been "meaning" to do for such a long time! And yes, those creative titles makes it sound ever so much more appealing!

Good luck and I can't wait to hear/see more. *Ü*

Kimberly White said...

Look at you go! I'm going to have to do some snooping with all your awesome resources!

Joanie said...

OCD? No... not you! You make me laugh! I wish I could say that I don't struggle with the same tendencies! (but, alas, I do!) I can hardly wait for the photos!

Sandra said...

Cool and fun blog you have Heather!
Looks like you did a lot of research :)
Have you ever tried bento? Not something I have tried or eaten myself LOL but I used to read this blog because of some cool tips on food in general

Gabi said...

Thank you for all those ideas, Heather!
My children are very picky so any tip for something they would be able to eat is very welcoming :)

Hope you are doing great, sweetie!!

Lisa said...

Maybe this will help me convince my kids to take something other than a PB sandwich and fruit to school for lunch! ;)

Kari said...

Totally needed these!! My girls like to pack their own lunches (which I love) so it is nice to have other ideas for them!!

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