Monday, June 22, 2009


Today, I am thankful for the calm I feel in my heart -

for the precious little hands that bring color and vibrance to my world -

for the surprising emergence of a hobby that constantly reminds me to release the lifesong that rises in my spirit -

for a partner who understands the cadence of my footsteps here on this Earth and willingly matches his to it, all the while remembering to dance with his two little "Cinderellas" -

Today, I am thankful.


Anke said...

Heather, this is totally wonderful!!! I love what you are saying and I love these pages, so gorgeous!!!!

Jeanne said...

Heather, it's good to see you posting again! Thanks for the lovely comments you have left on my blog.

I am in awe of your talent and your way with words. These layouts are truly stunning!

Brenda said...

I echo your thankfulness (though not quite so eloquently or artistically). Beautiful photos, layouts, and sentiments. And I add to it that I am thankful for knowing you : ).

Gabi said...

you are such an amazing life artist. You always know how to capture the little things in your life. Stunning!!

Joanie said...

Beautiful post... I love good days.
(Great new look on your blog!)

senovia said...

Your layouts are GORGEOUS! As usual. ;) I love visiting your blog- it's so full of inspiration!

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