Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A reminder for romance

I encountered this winsome couple a few evenings ago while photographing my girls in the front yard:

Just another little reminder to nurture my husband and our marriage. It's so easy to wholly focus on the children. Talk about them, talk through them.

"The most important thing
a mother can do
for her children
is love their father."

The above quote is an adaptation of Theodore Hesburgh's wise words:

"The most important thing
a father can do
for his children
is love their mother."

Brings me back to a layout I made some time ago:

Having such a tremendous person at my side to grow with is a true blessing.

Thank you for today's message, ladybug couple.


Kimberly White said...

A great reminder Heather! Fabulous quotes and a beautiful layout! Have a wonderful day!

Jen Wolff said...

I so love that LO!!! Just beautiful!!! So happy to see posts from you!! I've missed poppping by!

Gabi said...

Great reminder, Heather! The photo is fabulous!
Have a wonderful day!

Anke said...

Oh Heather, that is so sweet!!! I love that picture and your LO is stunning! (Of course I would tell my kids that the first ladybug is blind and the other one is pushing it along to help out :))

Anonymous said...

So true! Beautiful layout!

with love by mushy said...

your pages (and photos) are just stunning, girl! I am a big lurker but I thought I should come out and say hi :) Thanks for the inspiration.

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