Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Amy's 30th

A good friend of mine, Amy, turned 30 yesterday, and a few of us got together to throw her a little party. Everyone pitched in, from Silvia's pizza to Kelly's salad. Just thought I'd share some of the photos:

Sarah made the vibrant colored cupcakes-

Brody's face cracks me up here... as if he's thinking, "OMG, the blaze!!!" -

The gang, minus some children and me -

Miss Rhiannon and her soulful eyes-

Brody's post-meal face -

The "sisters" -

This winsome smile courtesy of Eli -

Beautiful Ashlynn -

And my first attempt at chocolate covered strawberries -

I have more photos, but I have to go make dinner. Ciao, and happy birthday again, Amy!

(ribbon wrap by A. Heimann, from the Grateful4U collaboration kit)


Mistifaery said...

Thank you for the Amazing 30th Birthday party!! The strawberries were great by the way. I'm sorry you weren't in the group photo. Photoshop your self in!!
I would love a copy of the picks Please!!! :D
Very cool pics. I love the one of Rhi the best so pretty!

Jackie said...

I love the ribbons that you put on the photos...very nice pictures :)

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