Thursday, October 2, 2008

12 weeks until Christmas? Already?

Regardless of how much I vow not to let it happen, Christmas (and its crazy commercialized frenzy) sneaks up on me. So let it be known: 12 weeks left! When I have a chance to collect my thoughts, I can be purposeful about keeping the celebration focused on the true gifts.

Simple Mom is a blog I follow regularly, and she leads the way in organizing the 12 weeks so that mayhem doesn't grip the hearts, minds, and pocketbook of your family.

This year, one of my goals is to hand make gifts. I enjoy the thought of sending my loving touch through them, and want to teach my girls the value of true gift giving. Otherwise, do you know what happens to me? I wait until the last minute until I haphazardly spend beyond my budget just to appease my gift list, and spend extra on overnight air to deliver the packages. NO MORE.

One of the handmade gifts I'm undertaking is a project my hybrid team and I are heading at ScrapMatters, called It's in the Cards:

(Click on the image to see the thread at ScrapMatters)

Hope you can join me! It's a weekly venture, so the workload is spread out. It should be tons of fun. :)


Anke said...

12 weeks, this is scary! I need help with gifts!!! I have never really gotten into the card making too much, the thought that people would throw them out just drives me crazy. I have made a couple for a special friend and my kids (cause I can keep them for them, LOL) It is fun though and it's a good idea to spread them out.

Carol said...

I needed that reminder! I am hoping (like I do all years and fail) to do more home made gifts. So it is definitely time to get started.
I have never really made cards, so am off to scrap matters to check out your class!

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