Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter sonata

My, my, the weather is definitely a grand force to be reckoned with. Such a reverence overtakes me as I watch the snow blanket my little world - guess the decades of temperate Californian winters will do that to a gal. This morning I drove out of my garage into a soundless portal of foggy and snowy white.

Snow-laden tree:

The window screen, crystallized in beauty:

Lord, let me walk with You:

(Click for larger images)


Kari said...

Oh, WOW!! These photos are amazing!!! Almost makes me wish for some snow so I could take some pictures of the beauty and majesty!! I'll keep the sunshine and come back to look at your gorgeous photos when I need a fix ;)

SusanD said...

These are awesome pics!! Gorgeous as I sit here with the AC going full blast.

Jackie said...

Cool photos the one walking :) and the plea to walk with the Lord :)

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