Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photoshop tutorial - the Orton Effect

Kimi's blog featured this simple tutorial. Here is what you can achieve:



(click for larger images)

I'll have to try this on more photos once I am gifted more time. ;)


el nata said...

wow, i like orion!

nampa! that's it. i keep forgetting the name of the town your in so i wrote lewiston. =P

kimi kreations said...

You did a great job Heather.
Love the effect on your photo!!

Laurie said...

Wow!! That looks amazing Heather! Great job!

gina said...

you're awesome!

SusanD said...

Hi Heather,
Haven't stopped by your blog in a while and WOW!!!
The LO with Abigal is so wonderful.
The other really dear picture is Amanda pointing while busy!

Ljonezy said...

heather - your photos look great. love the los of your girs - you are right - don't play favorites!! lol they both look so cute.

The Wolff Pack said...

Fabulous photo Heather! I've also been tinkering with photo effects. You'll have to share where you picked up your tricks:0)


Jackie said...

Oh I like the way you did this :)

Kari said...

gorgeous photos!!!

senovia said...

Thanks for sharing!

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