Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Digi - Amanda

So as not to play favorites, {grin} I whipped out another layout, but this time for Amanda. Took less than half an hour this morning, with Abigail asleep in my arms!

(click for larger image)

paper : Trish Jones
staples, heart, rounded corner brushes: Jessica Sprague
September Afternoon Alpha: Meredith Fenwick
Paper Reveal No. 2: Katie Pertiet
font: Asenine


Kari said...

Gorgeous job on both of your LOs ... you're in for so much fun w/ NWR!!! Love the changes you made to the example - really makes them YOURS ;)

gina said...

unnie, you are extremely talented. If I ever get married, I definitely want you to help design my invitations :) HEHEHE

el nata said...

wow, i just looked at that and smiled. =)

Dawn said...

This is sooooooo wonderful!!

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