Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Digi - A blast from the past

I have such beautiful nieces and nephews on both sides of the family. Brandon, Becky and Andrew on my husband Ron's side, and Davina, Evelyn and Elias on my side. I wish we saw them more often, as I would spoil them rotten.

Davina and her mom Naomi (my sis) came to live with my parents, my sister Gina and me when she was 3 months old until she was one year old. Needless to say Davina and I forged a tie that is strong to this day. I think I have a million photos of her during the early times. Davina is now almost 9 years old, but she will always remind of that doe-eyed sweetie that would park herself on my lap to read book after book. Come to think of it, she's still a bookworm. :)

So, dedicated to Davina is this layout:

(click for larger image)

All elements from the Carnival Kit, Sweet Shoppe Designs
fonts - century gothic, VNI-HLThuphap


gina said...

So hard to believe this was almost eight years ago. She is so precious

Mrs S | Storytelling said...

What a beautiful layout!

Anonymous said...

Whoa.. This girl is so pretty!! Who's the mom?? LOL Geez 8 yrs ago she had a baby face.. Now she looks like a teenager. GRRRR... How fast they grow. :O)


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