Friday, December 9, 2011

My helpers

My daily sacred work involves a lot of repetition. Diaper changes, packing lunches, teaching the ABCs... laundry in, laundry out. Dishes in, dishes out. It's so easy to morph into a grump and forget just why I do what I do.

Well, thank goodness that the very little ones whose hands could single-handedly dismantle the homeschool room in mere seconds are starting to enjoy assisting me with the aforementioned duties. It's really fun to do things together.

Case in point: dishes!

After I remove knives and chopsticks, Alyssa slowly empties the utensil caddy in the dishwasher and hands the utensils to Abigail.




Little Alyssa gets a bit pushy at times, as if she's the one in charge.


"Ah dunnnnn (all done)," she declares.


While they're busy with the utensils, I quickly put everything else away. It keeps them occupied and focused, which equates to a good routine. They feel so empowered by this small thing too.

I'm glad they're so helpful - there will be a bit more to do once the baby comes!


M u s s said...

Heather, I hear you! lol
When I talk to moms who do everything by themselves, it makes me fell sorry for them :D
I also encourage kids to help around and they do it very well!
Hugs from Russia! :D

Gina said...

The girls got so big!

HannahM said...

Hey Heather!

Your girls are so adorable. I wish we could've seen you last time you were in the bay area! I'm sure we'll get another opportunity :) I'm excited about your new little one! We have 3 weeks left till ours! I'm hoping Ella will be a big helper too.

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