Monday, September 7, 2009

New beginnings

This woman has entrusted her wedding memories to me. {Insert wobbly legs here} I pray I can do justice. Click on the image to peek at a few of her bridal shots.

And, my sweet Amanda is off to school tomorrow.


Yes, time to embrace new beginnings.


Kimberly White said...

You rock Heather! What beautiful pics! And ... I hope tomorrow goes well for both of you! Kim

Gabi said...

She is beautiful!! Your photos are amazing, Heather!

Patrik goes tomorrow to the school too :)

Lisa said...

Gorgeous photo, Heather! I'm sure you will do a fabulous job of photographing their wedding!

First day of school here, too. Actually, the oldest two started today. We have kindergarten orientation for DS #2 today, and the first official day of K tomorrow. Then preschool orientation for DD #2 later this week. Where does the time go?

Carol said...

I hope Amanda has a splendid day at school - I am sure with all you have been teaching her,she will be very prepared.

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